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Finally, the above-cited study found that at present, companies have a percent annual chance of seeing a data breach incident occur that would affect 10, records or more. And as for the public sector, unfortunately they have the highest documented vulnerability at In May, the St. Joseph Health System, the leader of a network of health care facilities in Texas, revealed a massive network intrusion that had taken place over three days in December This security breach compromised the medical and personal records of over , past and current patients in central Texas.

Portsmouth to celebrate treating ending ‘World War Zero’

This comes on the heels of a well-publicized case where earlier in the year where digital intruders had gained access to personal data for employees and contractors for the Department of Energy DOE. And again, the Ponemon methodology would specifically exclude from these numbers these major incidents affecting the OPM and the DOE, as these researchers believed that cases involving more than , records would skew their data. And so what is to be done? Organizations need to realize a simple truth. And as we have seen, when an organization experiences a major IT embarrassment, there are larger, strategic ramifications that must be dealt with, often with very expensive and long-lasting consequences.

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    Pages: 45— By: Aizawa Kiyoshi. Pages: 81— By: Yokote Shinji. Pages: — By: David Jones. By: Tohmatsu Haruo.

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