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Understanding Indian Culture & Bridging the Communication Gap

Read the sample only. Felt she pInnted whole country with one broad brush. I am less concerned about conclusions drawn.

But on what points those are drawn is important. For example conclusion that "money" is THE motivator and quoting in all business places you find Goddess Lakshmi is ridiculous!! See all 1 customer reviews.

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A good basic understanding of Indian culture. One person found this helpful. Although this book was informative, there were many strong personal opinions placed throughout.

On multiple occasions it was either said the Indians or all Indians practice xyz.

Indian Culture and Bridging Communication Gap

I am dating an Indian and most of the statements did not fit true to the family. Also, Wikipedia is used for referencing. There were just several mistakes that were made.

Verified Purchase. There is only one useful info to be found in this book: Indians crave for money and would do anything to get them.

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Unfortunately this book is an outstanding example of that behaviour If you're trying to understand why culture difference impacts business and learn how to solve the problem, this book won't help you. This book felt like a collection of generalizations about a country and a people. The opportunities are vast, and so is the cultural divide.

Misunderstanding, misinterpretation, missed deadlines, and frustration due to cultural differences raise havoc on success. Any Westerner conducting business withIndians and any Indian trying to figure our the West will recognize the challenge. In this revised and expanded edition of "Speaking of India," author and intercultural communications expert Craig Stortihelps to ease the frustration and bring cultural understanding in business and life.

Misunderstandings, misinterpretations, missed deadlines, and frustrations can all spring from cultural differences.


Understanding Indian Culture & Bridging the Communication Gap -

Any Westerner conducting business with an Indian and any Indian trying to figure out the West will recognize this challenge. Craig Storti has helped more than twenty global companies with just these kinds of issues.

Customer Reviews

With more than a dozen years of experience working between cultures, Storti has trained thousands of employees, interviewed hundreds of managers, and identified key cultural touchstones. From the different ways that Indians and Westerners use yes and no to the secrets of a successful, cross-cultural conference call, from the changing status of women in the Indian workplace to the do's and don'ts of daily interaction, this essential guide helps us to realize the potential of working together and understanding each other, whether in the East or in the West!

I know of no other cross-cultural communication expert who can de-mystify the hidden bulk of a culture's 'iceberg' as cogently as Craig Storti does. As he takes you below, a bright light shines on the hidden values and assumptions that govern not only the way a person from that culture communicates, but often the actual content of his message.