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33 Perfect Gift Ideas For Men Who Travel

To make up for the demolition, DART commissioned an art contest for the neighborhood. The studio came up with the concept of a happy, giant stainless steel robot who walks through Deep Ellum. There are three "Traveling Man" sculptures on Good Latimer Expressway, and all three stem from different narratives Oldenburg and Oldham created. The musician spills his canister of gin, which soaks down to the roots of the tree and touches a train car buried deep underground.

Awakening , the sculpture on the corner of Elm Street and Good Latimer, shows the top half of the robot's head rising from the ground as he is surrounded by his bird friends.

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It represents The Traveling Man waking up his underground slumber. The Traveling Man is completely emerged from the ground and leans on a slab of concrete with a guitar in his hands. The Traveling Man towers over Deep Ellum, and he's in the middle of taking big strides with a smile on his face, a bird on his arm and a hole in the middle of his chest.

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The bird represents their art that they're letting take flight in their community. Ekwulugo asked Curious Texas a follow-up question: "Why doesn't Dallas have more art and sculptures around the city? The OCA commissions six to seven public art pieces a year, but they usually have about 35 in the commission process, says Kallos. The projects are funded through city bonds funds, and the location and scope of the projects depend on what parts of the city have money available.

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Robert W. This meeting was for a project that will honor the life of Santos Rodriguez in Pike Park, and OCA was there to gather feedback from the community. Ekwulugo left with answers, but she also left with a few more questions. Kallos says Dallas has almost public art works sprawled throughout the city, and some of them can be found on this map. I get A LOT of use out of mine, and am always telling people they should pick one up.

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Having one of these bad boys is crucial to any long-term backpacking trip, hiking adventure, or beach day. While it does require an iPhone to be used, it really does take some epic photos and videos. A really fun idea would be to buy a book those goes well with a destination they are about to visit! No one goes traveling without a decent pair of headphones, and that makes them an excellent idea for a gift!

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Purchasing a drone for traveling will really take photos and videos to the next level…literally and figuratively. If you did buy this for someone as a gift, they would be extremely happy!! These two are the best for traveling as their super compact and lightweight, but produce unbelievable content! There are millions of different travel shirts out there, so do some browsing!

Simply because…. Everyone needs a GoPro with them when they travel! This would be an absolutely amazing gift for any guy who seems to be going on fun weekend trips to cool destinations! This e asy to use and flexible tripod is another excellent option for taking pictures and recording videos while traveling. Perfect for the outdoors adventure travelers! I have my parents to thank for introducing me to Ticket to Ride Europe!!

I just purchased one a couple of months ago, and get a lot of use out of it. I love the air blower for getting small pieces of dust off my lenses too! Just the title alone has got me desperate to pick this up and flip through it! This book will look damn good on top of the coffee table.

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It presents an incredible diversity of possibilities, from ocean cruises around Antarctica to horse treks in the Andes. Every continent and every possible form of transport is covered.

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The idea is simple — put popular cocktail ingredients in an easy to carry case ideal for plane rides, hotel rooms, and on the go excursions! By combining the best features from a backpack, duffel bag and general luggage, we have created the ultimate travel bag to help you spend less time fussing with your luggage and more time enjoying your journey.

see On top of being packed with incredible functionality, the bag has a sleek minimalist design, is made of strong weather-proof materials and is built to last. I only just recently discovered how much I love a good Camelback or other brand of hydration backpack! I tend to be kind of a messy person who lives out of his suitcase, and when I check into a hotel, my stuff somehow explodes all over the place. Sound familiar…? Well, by having these Pro Packing Cubes , it helps keep my suitcase a little bit more organized, and I can keep my socks, underwear, shirts, and shorts all in seperate cubes.

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Not only does it keep my iPhone at full battery, but has given extra much-needed extra life to my GoPro and portable music player while traveling. This means it can charge an iPhone X 2. Check out a few of my favorite articles below, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions! Looking for the best gifts for travelers? I know these would work be great travel gift ideas for men because: A I already own the products mentioned and love them!