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All of which leads me nicely to some other animal-themed books worth road-testing. Follow Metro. The Fix The daily lifestyle email from Metro. Sign up. The coats of these small dogs are gorgeous, especially the mane-like collars around the neck and the bushy tails. Their faces look like cute foxes with pointed small and closely set years and alert eyes which give these dogs a rather cheeky appearance and expression.

The coloring can vary from white, black, gold, cream, chocolate brown, sable, and black and tan. They need to be properly trained because they do tend to have an independent spirit, but with proper attention and socializing, they can become the perfect and fully devote pet for any household.

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As the name of the breed suggests, these dogs have descended from Havana, Cuba. In fact, these are the only native Cuban dogs. They have an exceptionally affectionate personality which makes them perfect companions, as they will get along with their own family with all children, with other dogs, cats and with strangers as well. They do tend to stick by their owners, so be prepared to have a little companion around you every time you go to the bathroom or walk around the house. This can be problematic if you are often absent from home, as these dogs can become anxious if left alone for long periods of time.

Otherwise, they are incredibly cute, with gorgeous silk coats in various color types, they are very devoted and are perfect for apartment dwelling. These born clowns are extroverts by nature and are absolutely brilliant for urban living. The Jack Russel is an amazing dog. It is very energetic, quick, determined and with an inborn desire to hunt. This breed requires a lot of serious training as well as sufficient exercise on a daily basis. Keep in mind that its energy may overwhelm toddlers and smaller kids. So, if you are ready to spend hours throwing balls, teaching tricks and playing fetch, you will thoroughly enjoy the company of this wonderful small sized terrier.

The small but strong and hardworking breed has been used for various types of hunting activities in Germany and around the world for years. It is small but with great proportions. The coat can either be soft or rough and coarse. The coloring of these doggies is black and tan, but there are some dark brown and greyish black ones as well. Being a hunting breed, these dogs do need quite a bit of exercise and will enjoy chasing balls, running and playing for hours, so if you are an active person who loves spending time doing different outdoor activities, the Jagdterrier can make a perfect companion.

The Japanese Chin acts very much like a cat. It loves jumping on top of furniture, on laps and on other high places, plus it washes itself quite thoroughly just like a cat would. The Chin can climb on quite high surfaces with just one jump, which is quite surprising given its compact size. This breed has a distinctive aristocratic posture and a thick and silky coat which is a joy to the eye and to the hands. The Japanese Chin is a quiet, graceful and amusing pet which will sometimes act more like a cat than like a canine, but that is just part of its incredible charm! It is the perfect lap doors and is suitable for people who prefer spending time at home lounging on the couch or staying indoors.

This popular and beloved small breed has an ancient history and is known for its floor-length impressive coat and its playful and charming demeanor.

Personality of these Small Dogs

The large dark eyes and the cute black gumdrop nose of this breed can melt the heart of just about anybody — be it a dog-person or not. The Maltese is a very affectionate toy sized dog which is very adaptable and respond well to reward-based training. These dogs can be stubborn sometimes, but they are otherwise quite charming pets which do not shed too much and live long, so you will be having a lovely companion for long if you get a dog from this breed.

This is a designer breed which was originally bred as a completely non-shedding dog. It is a sweet and adorable little dog which is great for people with allergies, and for those of you who want an affectionate lap dog. They are great with kids and other pets too, so if you are looking to add yet another family member to your big family. Although they are perfect for house and apartment pets, they do need the occasional walk and run outdoors, so if you have a backyard, your pup will be the happiest dog in the world.

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This beautiful small dog has all the typical traits of a terrier. It is faithful, sporty, lively and alerts small dog which can become your best friend and will make a superb watchdog for your home. It is a sleek toy dog which was originally bred in Manchester, England with a ratting instinct and the graceful posture of a coursing hound.

The toy Manchester Terrier does not exceed 12 lbs. They are easily trained, but require quite a bit of exercise, just like their other terrier cousins. They are very devoted to their owners and will keep your home safe from intruders. If you love Bull Terriers but have limited living space, the Miniature Bull Terrier is the perfect dog for you. The Minis reach only 10 to 14 inches at shoulder height, but still, have the typically strong and muscular figure of the standard Pit Bulls.

Their mischievous triangular eyes will always make you smile with affection. The coat of these dogs can be all white, or white with different colored markings. Being tiny Bull Terriers they do need training like their bigger cousins, but they are loyal and obedient dogs, which are a lot of fun to be around at all times.

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This tiny elegant dog is all muscles and attitude! Miniature Pinschers are known as the Kind of Toys and are a fun loving, fearless and proud breed, even though their weight will not exceed 8 to 11 lbs. Their coat is smooth and shiny and can be solid red, black, and rust or chocolate and rust in color. The fact that they were originally bred to hunt rats makes them very brave, sturdy and strong.

They are very curious and do tend to run off whenever left unattended, so you should be careful about letting them off the leash or leaving your front door open. These cute small dogs are everything but lap dogs. Being the smallest working terrier, the Norfolk Terriers may be only up to 10 inches high but are sturdy, feisty and confident little dogs.

They are notoriously great and loving companions which bond closely to their people and love playing games, digging and outdoor activities. They travel well and are very outgoing which means that you will hardly have problems with other dogs if you socialize your Norfolk properly.

They are easy and fun to train, so they are great for novice dog owners with no previous experience. Unfortunately, they are relatively rare in the US, so you may need to wait for a while before you can get one of these adorable pups. These are close cousins of the Norfolks and the easiest way to tell the two breeds apart is the shape of the ears. While the Norfolks have folded ears, the Norwich terriers have pointed cute ones.

This breed is perfect for people who are active and love spending time outdoors.

Rat-Cha Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Norwich terrier will quickly bond with you and to your children and will become the perfect companion for fun and games. The toy size of this breed, their incredible cuteness, loyalty and jolly character are what make these dogs perfect for pets. This is another member of the terrier family which is incredibly clever and bold. It was bred to run along horses and hunt for foxes by digging in the foxholes. These small dogs are rather tough, fast and fearless little fellows.

Like most of the other terriers, they are suitable for people who are familiar with dog training and who can be leaders, because if you fail to teach this dog that you are the dominant one, there is a good chance that it will end up leading you instead. Papillon means butterfly in French, and when you look at those adorable wing-shaped ears it becomes quite clear why this breed was named like that.

These elegant little dogs used to be referred to as dwarf spaniels and were companions of many kings and queens in the past. This toy dog is a beautiful, athletic and friendly pet with wonderful butterfly shaped ears and long and silk-soft hair. It may seem tiny and fragile, but the Papillon is much more robust than it looks. They do very well at agility training and competitions and are more suitable pets for people who live in warmer climates.

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Corgis are the small and amazingly cute dogs which always surround the Queen of England, and are among the most agreeable house dogs of all. They are pretty short 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder but well built 20 to 30 lbs. They are one of the most popular herding breeds in the world. They are very agile and quick. They come in different colors including sable, red, fawn, black, and tan or with markings. The Pembroke Welsh corgi is a very sensitive and loving dog which respond very well to training. It is independent and fearless and will become the perfect watchdog for your home.

It does need a lot of activity and together time, so if you are ready to spend more time with your dog — get a wonderful Corgi and you will end up with a cute, loyal and loving pet. The Pekingese is a small, dignified and proud dog which demands respect and will always let you know that it is the most important member of your family.

This compact dog has sweet soft brown eyes and long straight hair with a distinctive lion-like mane colored in all shades of red. The typical characteristics of this breed include the effortless rolling gait and the short muzzled envelope shaped head. They are confident and rather charming companions which will develop a very tight bond with their favorite human. They are great watchdogs but keep in mind that they will not tolerate any roughhousing by children.

The Pomeranian is a perky, alert and intelligent little toy dogs which like many of the other small breeds tend to believe that they are larger than they are. This is a feature which can lead to some problems with other dogs. They are curious creatures which will love exploring the settings and spending time with all family members.