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Beautiful Irish immigrant Mae Corey is "treacherous as a coiled cobra and clever as a fox," as anyone who turns their back on her soon discovers. A murder victim seemingly returns from the grave, bringing his would-be killer to an ironic end. Walter Lantz' Andy Panda. Stories by Don R. Christensen and various.

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Art by Dick Hall and John Carey. Also has 1-page untitled stories on the inside front cover, inside back cover and back cover! Starring Andy Panda and Charlie Chicken! Cover pencils by Sol Brodsky, inks by Carl Burgos. Accidents Will Happen! Poor Wilbur! You're Next, art by Chuck Winter.

The Pink Elephant! April Volume 51, Issue 2 - 1st printing. Powers, and alan E.

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Illustrations by Pawelka and van Dongen. Article on synthetic materials Cover by van Dongen. Softcover, 5. Final issue of the series. Cover pencils by Syd Shores. Fury on Sniper Ridge! The Mighty O'Shea text story. Alexander the Great. In the Dead of Night! The Veteran! Cover by Jack Kirby. Captain America creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby present their own contribution to the horror comics trend of the s, featuring tales of ghosts and the paranormal. Issue 23 on cover; listed as Vol. An artist's latest painting foretells a woman's death. A woman whose boyfriend died has horrifying dreams, which her psychiatrist is happy to explain.

A woman strangles men with her living hair, similar to the powers of the later Marvel character Medusa.

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Those Who Are About to Die! Edited by Raymond C. Cover by Dick Ayers and Ernie Bache. Teen cowboy adventures set in the s, based on the popular radio program that ran from to Bobby and his friends Tex, Windy, and Irish face modern-day rustlers and other challenges of life on the ranch.

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John Laughinghorse, a Native American with legendary strength and wealth, complicates a mystery; Bobby and Windy are trapped in an outlaws cave; Windys new haircut causes him misery. An anthology title from publisher Lev Gleason and his primary creator, Charles Biro, featuring teen hero Crimebuster and his nemesis Iron Jaw. A killer hatches a murderous plot to acquire another man's fingerprints.

  1. The Languages of Africa (One World Tongue Book 6).
  2. Identity Thief.
  3. Sullivan's Crimeography by Michael Spitzkoff!

While Rocky X and the Rocketeers are trapped on jungle planet Kantrax, an alien invasion force approaches Earth. Iron Jaw's efforts to destroy the Deadly Dozen are foiled by an Egyptian luck statue. Stories by unknown. Art by unknown. Candy stars in "The Wig's Up," plus four untitled stories. Kid stars in "The Fishy Fish Yarn!

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  • The Selchies of St. Martin (BikiniBooks Book 3).
  • Fresno First & CPR Trai... Lib?
  • Crossroads, The (Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories Collection).
  • Sullivan's Crimeography.
  • I Will, My Lord (Downton Abbey historical romance MILF mature erotica) (A New Man of the House Book 4).
  • Captain Marvel Jr. Painted Cover by Ernest Nordli. Art by Bob Jenney. Also: the 1-page filler "The Vampire Bat" on the inside front cover! Buffalo Bill, 1st Printing, Painted Cover. Art by Maurice del Bourgo. Buffalo Bill, 4th Printing, Painted Cover. HRN Three untitled Combat Kelly stories, plus "Sgt.

    O'Hooligan's Secret! Two-page text story, "Trail of the Vulture. Stories and art by Bill Ely and others. Tales of crime and mobsters, both true and fictional, a prime example of the genre that thrived in the years before the Comics Code. A deep-cover enemy agent is assigned to destroy the defense lab where his son has just been employed. Mobsters plan a murder down to the last detail, but a random tire blowout proves their undoing. Truckers figure out how to outwit a gang of hijackers. Cover by Charles Biro.

    Stories and art by Dick Rockwell and Charles Biro. The title that launched the crime comics genre, Crime Does Not Pay was noted for its violent pre-Code content and lurid tales of underworld life. Lower East Side small-time hood Bugs Aaron is determined to get out of the slums, even if he has to start a gang war to do it. Mob mastermind Duke Jarboe meets his fate at a shootout with police atop a Ferris wheel.

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    Also featuring "Lev Gleason Comics picture trading cards. Cover art by Johnny Craig. Feldstein, art by Jack Kamen; A man murders his wife to be with his mistress; He buries her in the desert, but a prospector accidentally finds the body with a Geiger counter. It turns out her watch had a radium dial! Feldstein, pencils by Al Williamson, inks by Angelo Torres; Ralph Jones has been found guilty of strangling his girlfriend and is strapped in the electric chair facing a horrible death, all for a crime he didn't commit but in which circumstantial evidence led to his conviction.

    This boys' adventure title was one of the comics that made publisher Lev Gleason a major player during the Golden Age. While flying kites, the Little Wise Guys stumble across a plot to derail a military supply train. Dilly Duncan and his high school baseball team wind up playing against pro ball players. The Little Wise Guys suspect that a muscular but phobic veteran is a wanted robber. Cover by Carl Barks. Written by Dick Moores and unknown. Art by Dick Moores and Jack Bradbury. Cover by Mike Roy. The long-running series that introduced "comic books" to the world, featuring reprints of comic strips.

    Dickie Dare learns that the future chieftain of the island is terrified of the ocean. A series of short "True Heroic Stories," featuring real-life tales of wartime action. March-April Cover by Richard Powers. Volume 6 - Issue 4, April Books , Stories , Articles , Poetry.

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    Michael A Spitzkoff.