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The rune might hold the demon from wandering far, but no one controlled it now.

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A bellow rose from the direction of the house. I looked in time to see the two demons clawing at each other with raw abandon, everything else forgotten. Lightning flashed from the vortex beneath the ice demon, spraying shards of volcanic flesh from the fire demon through the air. Templars appeared from the trees, lancers and swords at the ready. They saw me, but thankfully seemed to know I wasn't a threatjust a demon boy in the most ragged jeans a designer could ever hope to fashion. A beefy figure appeared and touched his neck. The mask peeled down his face, vanishing to reveal the square jaw and piercing violet eyes of Michael Borathen.

They should be able to control the demons until they expire. My shoulders sagged with relief.

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I suddenly felt so very tired. But I also felt safe enough to push back my own demon, shrinking down to my relatively diminutive six feet. Michael tossed me a black belt from within his pack. I secured it around my waist with one hand, and touched the hem. Nightingale armor flowed down my legs beneath the jeans, and I tore off the ragged remains with a grunt, letting them fall to the ground after retrieving my phone from a pocket.

Maybe they'd be useful in a Paris fashion show, but I was done with them. Some escaped. I found a gaggle of bound and unconscious battle mages in a makeshift Templar holding area. It only took me a minute to realize Kassus wasn't among them. Exorcistsapparently a division of the Templars designated to counter demon threatsappeared moments later.

They contained the raging demons by draining the power from the runes until the monsters howled and collapsed, their bodies crumbling to elemental forms, as their demon spirits were sucked back into the demon realm. Despite my exhaustion, I combed the woods, looking and hoping to find the man responsible.

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Elyssa found me, took me by the arm, and directed me back to the house. I was too weak to resist her. As night settled in, Michael came inside and reported. The world blurred, and I slumped, fatigue weighing heavy in every inch of my body. It was over. We had won. But we had also lost. Chapter 37 It took all my effort not to drain Elyssa.

Demon Dearest

Her shoulders shuddered as she fought the sexual urges caused by my voracious feeding. Despite the still-clawing hunger, I stopped, afraid I would hurt her. I managed a nod, and must have fallen asleep right after. I jerked awake. Looked wildly around the room, and found Elyssa sleeping next to me. Daylight streamed through the window. I was famished in more ways than one, my stomach growling for food, and my demon snapping for sustenance.

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I didn't dare feed from Elyssa. Her face looked too pale for her fair skin. She must have been exhausted when she offered herself to me last night. I'd drained her too much.

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My stomach knotted as I kissed her forehead. She moaned and continued to sleep. Ordinarily, she would have sprung awake. She needed blood. I ran downstairs, fetched some blood packs and boiled eggs from the refrigerator. Upstairs, I sat next to Elyssa, nomming on eggs and waiting. She stirred. Blinked sleep from her eyes. I pulled the tab on a blood pack to heat it up. Propping her up with my hand, I held it to her mouth. Her nostrils flared. Fangs protruded from behind her lips. She grabbed the pack and drained it. I opened the other one and handed it to her.

This one she sucked on in a more controlled manner. She usually refused when I tried to return the favor.

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Her eyes went distant. Then again, I used to think a lot of things were evil before I met you. I hate seeing you so tired. You've told me before blood packs don't taste very good. Even if I have to march down to Darkwater headquarters and take him by force. They'll arrest him and bring him in. Why didn't your father arrest him then? This time, there were plenty of witnesses. It's a slam dunk. You'll have Kassus's blood by this afternoon. It Ends with Us. Outlander Outlander 1.

Voyager Outlander 3. Dragonfly in Amber Outlander.. He flew from his fortunate future and instead flew towards his fortunate fate. I'm a questioner and I would question all sorts of logic from my mama. She then got up with a bright smile and whispered goodnight as she left the room, turning off the lights with her….

As the darkness flooded the room with a death-like grip, I heard a deep voice in the room. I gripped my pillow and held it front of me, not like how a coward holds a stick, but as a warrior who holds her shield. It's called the Raven and the Spider. Seeing this was a pointless battle I sighed and began my story.

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It will be the cry of a child, or is it my own nightmare? That little spider of only eight bares his fangs in me, injecting me with toxins. I will show him the bird of death; I grow legs of 8 as I climb up the wall and bare my fangs in the raven's neck.