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Security considerations for Callcentric customers. Polycom SoundStation IP For Asterisk versions 1. Asterisk is an extremely powerful piece of open source software which allows you to run a full-featured software based PBX on your computer. Asterisk is extremely powerful and versatile, but requires dedication to get it up and running. Asterisk is NOT plug and play software; and because of its extremely versatile nature is typically difficult for first-time users to setup.

Below we have listed resources to help you in configuring Asterisk; as well as a basic setup guide for Asterisk. Because of the complexity of Asterisk we cannot provide detailed support in helping you get Asterisk running; but you can find help from many Asterisk experts in the resource list below. The instructions below are meant to assist you with the basic configuration of asterisk.


If you wish to perform more complicated configurations please view the asterisk documentation above and the asterisk forums. We recommend that you read each step through in its entirety before performing the action indicated in the step. We also recommend that you check which version of Asterisk your PBX is based on; as there are many significant changes between each revision of asterisk. Fourth, you can adjust and fine-tune the existing PIAF setup to meet your own requirements any time you like. Security Matters! In addition to offering incredible design flexibility, PBX in a Flash has another distinguishing feature which sets it apart.

We always have strongly recommended that you install your server behind a very secure firewall. This simply means it functions safely and reliably with no ports exposed to the Internet through your firewall. So your particular hardware platform must include a network card for which CentOS 5. Just download the Linux driver from your manufacturer, copy the driver to a thumb drive, insert it into a USB slot on your server, drop down to the Linux command prompt and compile the driver , and then resume the install.

Choosing a Hardware Platform.

AT&T SIP Trunking - Installation - FreePBX Community Forums

ISO Setup Procedure. Then boot your server from the thumb drive. For most users, simply pressing the Enter key will get things started. Choose a keyboard and time zone when prompted and then enter a very secure root password for your new server. The installer then will load CentOS 5. When complete, your server will reboot. The following Asterisk choices are available:. You also have the option of exiting to the Linux command prompt to compile a network driver or to select a different version of Asterisk 1.

Then you can execute any series of Linux commands or issue one of the following commands to choose a specific release of Asterisk 1. If you compiled a network driver and wish to resume the installation process, just reboot the server. If you chose a specific flavor of Asterisk 1. Once your server reboots, you can log into the Linux CLI using your root password to obtain the IP address of your server.

When prompted for your username and password, the username is maint. FreePBX Setup. FreePBX is installed with virtually all modules activated.

It also sets up default trunks for a number of terrific providers. All you have to do is sign up for accounts and plug in your credentials. Give Incredible PBX a try. Astricon Astricon will be in the Denver area beginning Tuesday, October 25, through Thursday, October We hope to see many of you there. We hope to have a bunch of them to pass out to our loyal supporters.


Trunks are hosting provider specifications that get calls delivered to and transported from your PBX to the rest of the world. Inbound Routes specify what should be done with calls coming in on a Trunk. Outbound Routes specify what should be done with calls going out to a Trunk. Everything else is bells and whistles. If they have a trixbox tutorial, use that since it also uses FreePBX as the web front end to Asterisk.

We also have covered the setups for a number of providers in previous articles. Just search the Nerd Vittles site for the name of the provider you wish to use.

Project of configuring 2 SIP phones on asterisk server on Ubuntu 16.04

Our AxVoice setup which is all entered in the Outgoing section with a label of axvoice looks like this with a Registration String of yourusername:yourpassword sip. A good rule of thumb for systems with less than 50 extensions is to reserve the IP addresses from Device Options secret … [make this unique AND secure! Now create several more extensions using the template above: , , , and would be a good start.

Keep the passwords memorable. Extension Security.

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We cannot overstress the need to make your extension passwords secure. Incredible PBX automatically randomizes all of the extension passwords for you.

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In addition to making up secure passwords, the latest versions of FreePBX also let you define the IP address or subnet that can access each of your extensions. Use it!!! Once the extensions are created, edit each one and modify the permit field to specify the actual IP address or subnet of each phone on your system. A specific IP address entry should look like this: If most of your phones are on a private LAN, you may prefer to use a subnet entry like this: Outbound Routes. The idea behind multiple outbound routes is to save money. Some providers are cheaper to some places than others. You can search the site for lots of information on choosing providers.

Enter a route name of Everything. Enter the dial patterns for your outbound calls. In the U. Click Submit Changes and then save your changes. Note that a second choice in trunk sequence only gets used if the calls fail to go through using your first choice.