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I still loved both of them, yes there could have been a little more grovel from Dylan I think but it was sufficient as is. Not my favorite This is definitely not my favorite book by this author. I think the hero was a major arse and was forgiven way too easy way too often. I prob won't read Goodie's book, if I remember correctly the previous books had little grovel from heroes. View 2 comments. Not sure 4 stars This book was good. It wasn't over the top exciting. It has the drama that we all seek in our reads but also something more, this author took on a task that brings light into ptsd without really going on about it till the final chapters and even then it wasn't full blown which surprised me.

When touching on a subject such as ptsd I really did expect more knowledge but then again maybe it was just the right amount for this book. Sam is hot lol Happy Sexy Reading.

Wow, this was good - enemies kinda to lovers, jerky hero redeemed For six years the man has avoided her when possible, and suffered her presence when absolutely necessary. Until he drives her home from a party one night and finds a threatening note on her door. Suddenly, the same Same who barely tolerated her is attached to her at the hip, concerned with her safety. But he can provide protection when it appears an abusive ex is stalking her - that is within his realm.

Comments First and foremost: this is a slow-burn… with no descriptive sex.

Reader beware. Onto the rest. So this book came up as a freebie at one point, and I have been totally into the haters-to-lovers thing for a while now - blaming Mariana Zapata. I definitely got that here. Sam is a JERK. Mind you, he has reason to be. There was quite a bit of humor - I enjoyed the secondary character banter quite a bit. Oh, and it Welsh, with all the slang, but there are some helpful translations at the end of the chapters. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I liked how Sam became protective over Katie because of the threatening letters and how he had liked her all along despite basically proving to her again and again that he disliked her from the very first moment they met which was six years ago, I liked reading about Goodie and I'm looking forward to reading her story, I liked the background setting as unlike the last two books the story wasn't set in a hospital and she seemed to work more in the community.

I liked that the book wasn't full of darkness seeing as both Katie and Sam have had a dark past, I liked the chemistry between them and I was on the edge of my seat when Katie's past came out and how Katie had to confront her evil ex, I liked Sam and I liked that despite him having PTSD and constantly going all hot and cold on katie he was always there for her despite him going away for a while and then to be seen on the front page of a magazine with the actress he was dating in the beginning but I liked how he explained how he got to be on the magazine and how it was all innocent.

I liked how Katie was bubbly and was most of the time in her little world because she contrasted to Sam's darkness also I enjoyed how the story went on you got to meet more of the characters from the last two books and also Sam's parents and sister which was refreshing, I liked seeing Sam go all posessive over katie and I was pleased that the drama over her evil ex didn't drag on and how his part had ended satisfying, I did agree with Sam though when he had a bit of a breakdown and began to tell Katie that she was clueless as to not see what her boyfriend was up to all them years ago though.

I liked that there wasn't much drama with Lydia who he dated at the beginning and I really enjoyed the ending especially the epilogue. This is the story of Katie, Sarah's best friend. Sarah's husband Rob is in partnership with Sam, they were in the army together and now run some kind of security service.

Katie finds Sam very attractive but he has always looked at her with distain. Certainly, being vertically challenged with curly hair makes her very different from the models and C-list actresses he normally dates. The book opens with Katie babysitting for Sarah's boys and making snow angels - although she is trying to achieve a This is the story of Katie, Sarah's best friend.

The book opens with Katie babysitting for Sarah's boys and making snow angels - although she is trying to achieve an alien 'snow circle' kind of effect. Sam turns up for the dinner party later that evening with a date in tow - thwarting Sarah and Rob's attempts to match the two of them up. Katie's ex is seriously bad news and has been leaving highly disturbing letters and presents for her. When she gets drunk and tries to leave the dinner party on her pink foot scooter Sam won't hear of her going alone, even though she points out that it is very close, very safe and she has done it plenty of times before.

Sam overrules her protests and drives her home where she finds yet another letter. Intrigued when Katie rips up the letter and throws it in the dustbin unread, Sam fishes it out and reads. Which of course leads to Sam using the security business to improve Katie's security and acting as her bodyguard. All of that sounds fairly run of the mill. Being set in Wales obviously makes a change but what I liked were the characters. The patients that Katie visits all of whom love Sam - in fact he may have been responsible for a substantial increase in the number of home call requests from old ladies , her partners at the doctor's practice are all great.

Lindsey Vonn gets her strength back at the gym after terrifying ski injury

There's suspense as Katie's ex re-appears and laughter - I'd classify it as a British romance with a bit of suspense. On to the next one. Isn't there one for Sarah and Rob? I received copy of this book from the author but I wasn't asked to write a review, just to let her know if I liked it. The main reason though is her incredible talent for telling stories that grip your heart, that let your imagination roam and give you lots and lots of laughs. So, we keep the medical theme Susie herself is a doctor IRL lol , like in the previous two, but we slightly change scenery I received copy of this book from the author but I wasn't asked to write a review, just to let her know if I liked it.

So, we keep the medical theme Susie herself is a doctor IRL lol , like in the previous two, but we slightly change scenery from the hospital in the city, to private practice in a small town; where everyone knows each other and it's very hard to hide anything.

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Katie, for years had been secretly pinning after Sam, but she was sure she never stood any chance with him. He's dark and handsome, he doesn't talk much and he gives away a massive asshole vibe. So why would a good and lovely person like Katie, be even worried what he thinks of her? There is something in him that she sees and she's hoping that she can find a way to save his troubled soul. I loved every page and every chapter. Everything just felt right when reading. I wouldn't change a bit in the story or in the ending. Susie Tate is on her way to becoming a great author and gaining great popularity.

Love It!! My first book by this author and OMG it was an amazing read. I belly laughed and even shed tears.

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  8. Brilliantly written with brilliant characters which were all relatable. Katie and Sam stole my heart and let's not forget Lady Mufflington la Foof Katie is the bubbly personality of the group, the bright shiny person who radiates warmth and compassion for everyone, that is except Sam. Sam is the frosty member of the friends who has made his disdain for Katie loud and clear for the last six years.

    Never Beyond Repair - Everfound - VAGALUME

    After another disastrous meet and great between the two happens, Katie begins to get mixed messages from Sam. One moment he is sweet and protective her the next he can't seem to get away from her quick enough. Katie knows Sam has a past that is ke Katie is the bubbly personality of the group, the bright shiny person who radiates warmth and compassion for everyone, that is except Sam.

    Katie knows Sam has a past that is keeping him at a distance but will Sam be willing to move past it to have the best thing that has ever happened to him? I liked this a lot. I did think towards the end it was a bit angstier then need be but you got why it was. I liked all the characters in this and was thoroughly entertained by the story.

    Katie was a hoot, very different female lead.

    You Are Not Broken Beyond Repair

    Her humour is spot on and in this 3rd book of the series we have a continuation of the unrequited theme with the mean mean hero. In this case I felt Kate was too forgiving time and time again. Sam really tore into her a time a two and it would have been healthier to have him working through his issues and coming to her. But hey what do I know about constructing endings. So this lost a star for th 3. So this lost a star for that and another half for the tangent into action land. It didn't quite fit the tone of the rest of the book. It has been a while since I have read this book however I remember my dislike for the H and the over the top zany of the h.

    It was all right.

    The United States of America is broken and probably beyond repair

    I give books a star if I make it to the end because I will quit in the middle and go look for a review with all the spoilers. Great book! This was such an excellent read with all of the humor and heart needed for a great story that makes you laugh and tugs at your heart without being over the top. Excellent book and the writing was fantastic I love this author!! Katie was hilarious. I have luck just like her.

    She and Sam had so many things in common, even if he tried to escape that. Beyond Repair was a little more emotional. I have a soft spot for any active duty or veteran story. I had my fingers crossed for Sam and Katie since page 1. Great read!