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Now, not only is his white count extremely high, but the majority are the cancerous cells. I look at his blood under the microscope — blasts everywhere. He has progressed from a chronic, indolent disease that can be kept at bay into the dreaded blast crisis, which is essentially an acute leukemia but even more challenging to treat. It is very serious. I tell him this. His medical chart over the last 7 years was populated with notes from his hematologist documenting their discussions of this possibility.

Otherwise you could have a stroke. So we will have to check your blood often to watch for this. He looks at his wife, then back at me. He seems unfazed. Just as unfazed as when his hematologist warned this could happen. Just as unfazed as the day he learned his diagnosis. On one hand, his apathy had hurt him, clearly and indisputably. Refusing to acknowledge his agency in his medical outcomes allowed him to be cavalier about taking the cure.

On the other hand, it was unusual to see someone so at peace with being so critically ill. His acceptance of his new reality was refreshing. There were no heartbreaking questions about whether this was his fault. There was no agonizing over what could have been. His apathy gave him closure and his loved ones comfort. Last month, I wrote about how it is possible to be realistic about a grim prognosis while retaining hope that a treatment may work. As doctors and patients, we like when we have agency over outcomes.

Blast crisis, no crisis? Caring for the apathetic patient

Take these medications, and you will be okay. Undergo this procedure, and you will reduce your risk of recurrence. Doing so discards the unhelpful emotions of guilt and blame in favor of acceptance. But now, in a dire blast crisis, what was once a harmful attitude actually became a helpful one.

Seltzer, I am writing this as my friend is facing a hard life situation.

He has suffered from apathy for a couple of years after he was diagnosed with a rare-ish and uncurable Crohn's Disease and according to him that is the source for his apathy. How can you help someone whose condition can be changed?

You wrote about understanding and accepting life which he has done in his own words, but he is unable to move past that. In some ways he feels like there is nothing that can help him in our lifetime, and that who he is now is fundamentally wrong.

#apathetic hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Seltzer- If a person were apathetic too long, could their apathy become their Flow? It's not good, but with energy and hope running low, the only way to get-by each day is to do what requires the least amount of energy all things given, fighting-it ended a while ago. It's more like existing than living: you feel like you're teetering on the edge of living and not-living. No more bad, but no good either which festers into bad. Mentally and physically, a person can't go on like this. I know what you're thinking, but it's been two years now, without any social support since the start.

And; my two doctors recently admitted the offer nothing That can help me. My psychiatrist prescribed Zoloft, but It countered the effects of the Adderall too much all things given, without the benefits if the Adderall, I can say I don't think I'd have made it this long I spoke to my doctor, pharmacist and Shire about the Zoloft issue.

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Shire gave me the same info they'd give a provider: it worries me they have so little info on their own product no help from Shire. My doctor and pharmacist said Zoloft shouldn't affect the Adderall. I realize I'm neither a doctor or pharmacist, but have been on the Adderall long enough - through various conditions before and on the Zoloft to realize it's affecting the Adderall.

Even taking the Adderall wasn't my first preference, but life was so demanding, I had to my first psychiatrist used to say I made him nervous how hectic my days were. Then - before all that caused my current issues, I actually used to thrive on the stress. I am but a mere psychology student and I am only responding based on what I do know but I am concerned of your writing.

From what you said and the way you said it, it seems like you suffer from depression. Hopelessness, fatigue, apathy, isolation, sadness and even anger - are all feelings that can be observed from your writing that match the diagnostic criteria of depression and I am concerned of your well being my friend. It is not uncommon for someone who suffers from ADHD to suffer from depression at some point in their life and especially if they feel rejected and isolated, like they are not part of the world but rather that they are like a shadow of someone they used to be.

That is not a good mindset to be in. And so I hope that you would take it upon yourself to now go and seek anyone to help you out. Please I beg you to do that. You do not have to be alone with your situation and you are worth all the effort it takes.


I feel you, my nephew is struggling trough similar problems you are and he also has ADHD. Although he is probably much younger than you are but the issues are still very real for both of you all the same. Apathy is there for a reason Hi Sir: this topic precisely telling me that I really got sick of mental. Now I realize I need somethin' change slowly.

Thanks for your helped. Found this article very informative, and helpful. Seltzer, in this article, has helped me to begin to develop a path toward lessening, and hopefully, eliminating, the apathetic state I've been experiencing for several months. Thank you, Psychology Today, for presenting this online. It's a great source of help to many others, I'm sure. Thank you.

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I was on an SSRI for anxiety and it induced apathy. It was dose-dependent, too gradual and insidious to catch the connection quickly.

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This was citalopram, worked ok from mg and caused apathy above that. I've since read that the increase and serotonin could also cause a decrease in dopamine, which causes the low motivation, laziness, and apathy. This is pretty bad if your problem was anxiety, because now your problems will just pile up as your to-do list becomes increasingly backlogged.

Apathy is a broad symptom with many factors, but if you've been on a medication for several years and see your life stagnating, it might be time to lower the dose and let the stress put some helpful fire under your feet. These suggestions are for run of the mill apathy that people without an underlying mental condition feel now and then. Telling someone with a chronic condition to 'just get over it' is the worst thing someone can say.

Apathetic Quotes

How do you suggest tackling apathy when the cause is a major chronic medical condition that limits what you can do? A condition - in my case, fibromyalgia - that makes even routine self-care an exhausting struggle. I would LOVE to do something more with my life besides watch tv and play video games and be depressed and bored to the point where I seriously question if life is even remotely worth it. The things I used to love to do are no longer possible. I would love to solve this problem of apathy, but it is not a problem I have created so much as had thrust upon me.

See I am apathetic but only towards the human race I do cry when one of my pets die and it's like losing a child to me.